Pride of Devon

Growfair-Pride of Devon was launched in July 2009 with washed Mid, Ware and New Season potatoes, with plans in place to extend the product range further.

Devon is a large county with huge potential, and like the neighbouring Cornish, are a very proud community who seek to buy local, seasonal produce wherever they can. Our customer base includes restaurants, hotels, pubs, farm shops, independent grocery and convenience stores, which are looking for more Devonshire produce to satisfy increasing demand.

As a county famous for its beautiful coasts and moorland landscapes, it also has a wide variety of small independent farmers, who grow a wide range of superb crops.

By ordering Growfair produce, not only will you have the peace of mind of receiving the highest quality produce delivered on time, every time, but you are supporting the local agriculture and economy, helping to preserve and promote the county’s rich heritage.

Whether you are a Devonshire grower or a potential customer, our experienced team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Mission Statement

To deliver the finest locally grown fresh produce to our customers in an honest and reliable way. This will be achieved through our continued collaboration with local growers, treating them fairly at all times, to create a business everyone can be proud of.