Brand History

Established in 1957, Bristol Fruit Sales (BFS) is the largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler in the South West, delivering fresh produce to a customer base including foodservice, secondary wholesalers and retail markets, on both a local and national level.

Growfair is a registered premium brand of Bristol Fruit Sales (Market) Ltd, and was launched under the Pride of Cornwall banner in April 2008 from the company’s Bodmin depot, to deliver the finest locally grown fresh produce throughout the year that customers can relate to as being authentically local, and authentically in season. This is what our customers were asking us for!

Cornwall was initially chosen as the county to pilot Growfair, as it is a relatively self contained market with a wide range of produce, to see how the brand would be received. As a particularly proud community, the project in Cornwall was a huge success, and Growfair-Pride of Cornwall has forged the way for expanding into other regions through lessons and experiences learnt. In the summer of 2009, Growfair was successfully launched into Wales and Devon, and is continuously exploring opportunities in other areas that demonstrate potential.

As an overarching brand, Growfair supports a wide range of products, and fosters ethical win-win relationships with local vegetable, fruit and salad growers. One of the key brand values for which Growfair stands for, is to give growers better returns for their top quality fresh produce, to ensure long term sustainability for local agriculture, as many smaller producers have vanished through poor financial returns over the years.

Through its recognizable branding and quality standards, Growfair adds value by ensuring that customers are guaranteed to receive the highest quality, local & seasonal produce, on time, every time. By doing the job properly, and delivering this service to customers, more and more Growfair produce is being sold, thus representing increased opportunities for our local growers.

The advantage of the brand is that, for example, Growfair cauliflowers in the winter, promote Growfair strawberries in the summer, and vice-versa which ensures a market presence for 12 months of the year!

To reduce food miles and CO2 emissions, the aim for all Growfair produce is that it should be collected directly from the farms of local growers, on the return of daily BFS delivery runs. Produce is then brought back to the depot for quality control checking before being dispatched to customers. This method ideally suits our growers, saving them time and costs, so they can concentrate their efforts on growing.

Bristol Fruit Sales operates a supplier and customer base on both a local and national level, with the Growfair brand benefiting from all the advantages of being part of a well connected, and well established company.